We know that firefighting is a challenging and especially a diverse issue. Every fire, every material, every object is different and needs several requirements, which should be taken in consideration while extinguishing and cleaning afterwards. We have long-time experiences and have made extensive tests, so that you can be sure, that you will get only the first-class extinguishing agent and first-class functional hardware for solid systems.

We are HCT

Who we are, where we come from, what we do. Learn more about our company and what we offer for a safe and efficient firefighting …

F-500 Encapsulator Agent

Extinguishing like professionals: with F-500 we offer an ultimate Encapsulator Agent, that exclusively brings along advantages. Learn more …

The Cleaning Agent

You will clean professionally and eco-friendly with HydroLock. Find out why you will love this Industrial Cleaning Agent …

If you already know our products, or heard about them – e.g. the F-500 Encapsulator Agent – then call us to convince yourself about their efficiency in use.

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